Portable showers from Local Toilet Hire. Whether you are organising a multi-day music festival for thousands, or you are planning a ‘glamping’ trip with a group of friends, hiring portable showers is an important detail. Providing portable showers is a way to ensure that your overnight guests can feel refreshed and well groomed, no matter what the event.


Do you need to hire Portable Showers for your event or building site?

Local Toilet Hire has a wide array of portable showers for hire, ideal for many different types of events. These include:

  • Camping and wilderness holiday camps

  • Music and theatre festivals

  • On location movie and television shoots

  • Weddings, parties and special events

  • Corporate and sporting events

Your guests might be expecting the grimy, crowded communal showers of the past, but you can wow them with luxury shower hire that allows them to relax under the hot water in a clean and private setting.

Our portable showers can come fitted with LED lights, as well as gas power for reliable hot water (and a perfect steamy shower). We fit our showers to any available mains connections and waste tanks, and can provide generators for locations with no existing hook-ups.

For a truly luxurious experience, we can provide optional shampoo, conditioner and body wash, as well as towels and other necessities.


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