Site fencing including mesh fencing, crowd barriers, chapter 8 barriers and hoarding. No matter what kind of temporary fencing hire you are looking for, Local Toilet Hire has you covered. We are one of the country’s leading experts on site fencing. Whether you are trying to keep dust at bay, protect your construction site or create a high-vis pedestrian barrier, we have affordable options for hire.


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Site Fencing

Site fencing / mesh fencing & hoarding for all types of building sites

Construction firms have many reasons for installing hoarding at their sites. For some, it is a way to keep the noise and dust from travelling into neighbouring homes and businesses. For others, it is a barrier between their work and the outside world that allows security guards to maintain a secure perimeter, particularly at night. It can also conceal your construction site from the general public, preventing prying eyes from seeing what is going on within, allowing an exciting reveal when the project is complete.


No matter what your reason for hiring construction hoarding, we have you covered. Local Toilet Hire has a wide range of hoarding options available for any budget.

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Our site fencing hire services have been designed with busy building sites in mind, and we take care of every detail along the way.


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