Site toilets / builders loo hire. Local Toilet Hire is one of the leading providers of site toilets in the country, and we work with a large variety of construction companies in a variety of niche fields. We know that most construction sites do not have access to mains water, and so we can provide the latest chemical flushing toilets.

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Site Toilets

Health and Safety Requirements – We have you covered

If you are running a construction site in the UK, you need to ensure that you meet government sanitation and hygiene regulations. BS6465– 1:2006 recommends that you provide a ratio of 1 toilet for every 7 people on site, and that these site toilets be emptied at least once a week. You need sturdy and safe tamper-proof toilets that can withstand heavy use.

Unsure of how you can meet these regulations? Our expert team is on hand to help you book, install, maintain and remove the construction loos that you need on site. By providing clean and hygienic toilets for your workforce, you can keep employee morale and productivity high, saving the time that they would otherwise use to seek toilets elsewhere.

We take care of all the details

Our builders’ toilet hire services have been designed with busy construction sites in mind, and we take care of every detail along the way. We keep your toilets well stocked and cleaned regularly, refilling your anti-bac gels, hand soaps and toilet roll.

Every site is different, and we know that you need a customised hygiene solution. No construction site is too big or too small for our team here at Local Toilet Hire. We are happy to provide you with one site toilet or hundreds, and we make sure that they are clean and well stocked.

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