Welfare units from Local Toilet Hire with UK wide delivery. We are proud to be one of the leading providers of mobile welfare units for your building site or events office. Our wide array of welfare units are spacious and comfortable, and provide an affordable and practical alternative to building an on site shed or office.


Welfare units with next day delivery? 


Construction sites need a wide variety of facilities, including toilets, hoarding and fencing, but one of the most important components is your on-site office space. Welfare units don’t need to be cramped and sparse – we have versatile units that rival traditional office spaces in terms of comfort and spaciousness. With ample room for 5 – 12 people (depending on the model that you choose), you can conduct the administrative end of your business in comfort and convenience.

In addition to our array of standard units, we also offer single axle mobile welfare units. These are easily towed from site to site, and can be conveniently hooked up to mains connections or generators.  Looking for something even more portable? Check out our new fleet of welfare vans, allowing you to truly take your business on the go.

Environmentally friendly welfare units?


If you are concerned about the environmental impact of your business, consider one of our eco-welfare units. These ‘green’ welfare units seamlessly incorporate environmentally friendly aspects that not only save you money, but also ease your impact on the environment.


Call or email us today with your questions about our welfare cabins for hire. Our team is happy to answer any of your questions, and provide a competitive quote for hiring one of our welfare cabins, portable toilets or length of fencing.

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